Fall Term 2023 (September 5, 2023 – December 22, 2023)
Winter Term 2024 (January 8, 2024 – March 10, 2024)
Spring Term 2024 (March 18, 2024 – June 28, 2024)


Labour Day – September 4, 2023
Thanksgiving Day – October 9, 2023
Holiday Break – December 23, 2023 – January 7, 2024
Family Day – February 19, 2024
March Break – March 11, 2024 – March 17, 2024
Easter Closure – March 29, 2024 – April 1, 2024
Victoria Day 2024 – May 20, 2024


We want all of our students to feel comfortable inside the gym.  Although we don’t have a strict dress code for our female athletes, we recommend that they wear a gymnastics leotard with a pair of shorts on top.  However, a pair of shorts and a well-fitted t-shirt will do just fine!

We recommend that our male athletes wear sport shorts and a well-fitted t-shirt.  

All students train barefoot inside the gym allowing for maximum traction on the equipment.

Students are not allowed to wear jewelry during practice. Long hair must be tied back with soft accessories.

  • The programs offered by the Children’s Fitness Centres of Canada run on a quarterly basis (every three (3) months).  Payment is required at the commencement of each session.  If you would like to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to Children’s Fitness Centres of Canada.
  • Refunds will be granted if sickness or injury prevents a child from being able to participate.  A doctor’s note will be required.  Eligible refunds are calculated based on $10.00 for each remaining class in the session. 
  • A $40.00+HST cancellation fee per class will be applied to all cancellations prior to the first day of class.   The Annual Membership fee is non-refundable.    There are NO credits or refunds issued after the first day of class.     
  • Summer Camp 2023:   Refunds, less a cancellation fee of $75.00+HST, will be given upon written notice of cancellation prior to May 31, 2023.  No refunds will be processed after this date.  There are no discounts for days not attended.
  • An Annual Membership Fee of $30.00+HST applies to all participants of the program per calendar year.   One Annual Membership Fee per family.
  • Mid-term scheduling changes will result in a $20.00+HST reprocessing fee. The fee is waived if the change is recommended by the Program Director.
  • A $20.00+HST fee will apply to all NSF cheques.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we reserve the right to make any necessary changes to our office policy without a prior disclaimer. We will continue to adapt our practices based on the guidelines established by the Public Health Agency of Canada and local authorities.

We do not offer make-up classes.  Students may be invited to one make-up class per term, but such classes are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.  It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the administration of the missed class and to provide availability.  If an appropriate vacancy occurs, the parent will be notified accordingly.


Participants, their parents, guardians, friends, and all other guests are expected to treat others fairly and equitably and to be respectful and courteous to others.  Certain behaviours by participants, their parents, guardians, friends and all other guests will not be tolerated and will lead to dismissal of the participants from the programs offered by Children’s Fitness Centres of Canada.  These behaviours include but are not limited to: (1) Any act considered to be offensive under federal, provincial or municipal laws, or a violation of the Children’s Fitness Centres of Canada’s policies and procedures; (2) Gross misconduct, inappropriate horseplay, theft, fighting, or any behaviour which may lead to property damage or which may affect the safety and well being of others; (3) Willful destruction of property (i.e. including that caused by inappropriate horseplay, fighting, etc.); (4) Willful disabling of any smoke detector; (5) Tampering or interfering with any fire alarm system to include causing a false fire alarm (i.e., by pulling the fire alarm handle); (6) Disregard of our employee’s (i.e., coaches’) instructions during class, being abusive, belligerent, or in any way compromising the delivery of instruction to, or the enjoyment of the class by, other participants of the program.