At CFCC, we understand that movement plays a critical role in every child’s development. 
Children need to move, and they need to learn how to move skillfully. Our unique programs offer the perfect blend of movement, gymnastics, and exercise designed to enhance your child’s physical literacy, cognitive development, and affective growth. Step by step we nurture capable, confident children eager to engage in lifelong physical activity.


Movement Education

18 months - 5 years

Our Movement Education division sets the foundation for lifelong physical activity.  We offer a unique blend of artistic gymnastics, traditional movement education, and exercise designed to foster skillful movement in children. 


5 - 16 years

Our Gymnastics division offers programs designed to maximize your child’s health- and skill-related fitness through quality artistic gymnastics instruction in a fun, progressive, and engaging manner.     

Athletic Development & Bodywork

8 - 18 years

Our Athletic Development & Bodywork division offers functional training and conditioning programs to prepare students for the demands of organized- and non-organized sport.

Kinections is an early learning program that takes advantage of the known benefits of exercise on learning.   Join us as we move to learn and  learn to move!


Suitable for children 4-5 years of age.

Camp Kinections is designed to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, expand their understanding of literacy and numeracy concepts, enhance their social skills, and maximize their health- and skill-related fitness.  A perfect way for your child to enjoy summer learning! 

Suitable for children 5-12 years of age.

We are proud to offer our esteemed gymnastics-based fitness program during the summer months, along with a blend of arts & crafts, team-building challenges, health education, and exciting summer activities.  Summer fun takes on a whole new meaning!