Our Developmental Gymnastics program is designed to maximize children’s health- and skill-related fitness through gymnastics. Working out isn’t supposed to be this much fun! Children learn to master fundamental gymnastics skills, and by doing so, develop a strong sense of self-esteem as they progress to more advanced elements. Successes are shared and celebrated by colleagues and instructors alike, and confidence radiates as children develop a “can do” attitude. We strongly believe that this positive mindset, along with their improved fitness, will translate into your child’s success at school, among friends, and in the home.

Students enrolled in our Developmental Gymnastics program will be subdivided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced groups based on age and skill level. The groupings will be at the discretion of the coaching team. This will ensure that all students are placed in groups that will allow for an optimal training environment.

Children who show a keen interest and aptitude towards artistic gymnastics may be invited to join our Junior Advanced program (Ages 5-8). This program is designed to set the foundation for advanced artistic gymnastics. Children are recommended to attend at least two times per week.